DJ Tomer Falcon

House Music DJ & Producer

Promoting wellness, a global consciousness, and connecting with other crazy souls who want to change the world for good!  

"Keeping up the vibration since 1998"


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The Vinyl Collection Dates Back 20+ Years

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Tomer Falcon immersed himself in London's house music scene during the late 90s, cutting his teeth as a DJ on the underground circuit where he regularly whipped the crowds into a frenzy, serving up a heady cocktail of raw grooves and dirty beats, infused with tech, funk and tribal flavours. 

A familiar name in clubland, he's played legendary venues such as The Cross and Ministry Of Sound, as well as having residencies at some of Ibiza's coolest nightspots alongside many other well known Ibiza DJs, while somehow managing to find time to do a stint at Strictly Rhythm Records. But what does the future hold for Tomer? 

Always striving to remain at the forefront of cutting edge dance music, his DJ sets are now fully loaded with the latest technology, using 4 decks, FX processors, a keyboard and drum machines to conduct spectacular 'live' sets. He also recently took the natural step into the world of production and the results have been stunning. Now armed with a slew of his very own killer tracks ready for release, and with some hot remixes in the pipeline.

Tomer was inspired to DJ by his grandmother who used to spin vinyl at a local social club in Chiswick, London. He was mesmerised by the concept sound and dance as a young child. 

She would play the likes of Queen and he would say the beginning of disco meets house music.  Interesting fact, Tomer studied at West Thames College, Hounslow. Freddie Mercury was a student there, lots of symbolism.

10 Sessions at Madison Carter Finance Q4 2023

Tomer Falcon at Madison Carter Finance

Tomer Falcon in the Studio